I started my own website

Published on 29 September 2018 at 09:56

I finally started my own photo site. After publishing  many of my photos using sites like Flickr, I finally decided to create my own website to show some of my best photos. As I am seriously considering to make a living of photography, I thought it would be better to have an own site where I can show my work and which I can use to get in contact with people who would be interested in my work or who are also passionate about photography and who like to get in contact with me.


When I go for business trip to a place I haven't been before, I mostely take my camera with me. As I cannot always take my large bag, I have to choose which lens to take (often the 24-70 plus 16-35). I made the picture above when I was in Alghero (Sardina, Italy) for CPS summer school 2018, organised by the CERBERO project.  Although locals are used to clear blue skies most of the time, there were some beautiful clouds when I visited the island.


I also was there last year and took the photos during the CPS summer school in 2017.

You can also find selection of the photos I took at the CERBERO general assembly meetings in Haifa and Sassari on the CERBERO site. I also designed the logo of the CERBERO project (see picture above).