Italy - spring 2023

In 2023 we travellled to the south Italy with our Jolly Egg


We travelled through France and stopped at the fortressed town of Neuf Birsach with an art route around the fortress.  

Next we drove via Switzerland to Toscany where we visited Arezzo.

We also visited the more busy but beautiful town Siena in Tuscany.

When we arrived in Umbria we visited the "Sacro Speco di San Francesco", the place where Francisco arrived in 1213 onm his first mission.

The next town we visted was small town Narni in Umbria.

After Narni we travelled to Napels to visit the archaeological park in Pompeii.

After this wse went to the Amalfi coast and visited the small towns along the coast.

Next on our trip was a visit to the beautiful city Matera.

We went further to Pulia and visited the white village Arberobello.

WE then visted a number of small villages like Ostuni, Locorontono, Istria and Cisterino.

On the way home we visited Vieste on the coast in Foggia.

On the route home we visited the city Assisi in Perugia.

The last city we visited on our trip was Bevagne in Umbria.