Spain & Portugal - summer 2022

At the  summer of 2022 we travellled to the north of Spain all the way to Portuagl  with our Jolly Egg


The first stop was at Le Tréport on the France coast.

Next we visited the Frence village Saint Valery sur Sonne.

We also went to the city Dax, with it's nice cathedral and hot water fountain (Source de la Néhe) with water of 86 degrees celcius, based on a therm from Roman times.

Next we went to the sea at Vieux Boucau les Bains.

Entering Spain we initalliay went to the Rioga region were we visited a small village.

Although we normally try to avoind big cities, we next visited Leon which was a very nice city with old center. 

The next stop was the walled city Lugo with city walls from Roman times!

Next we camped near Castro Baroñaan Iron Age fortified settlement located in the parish of Baroña

For the first time we visited Santiago de Compostela, where we found many pelgrims visiting the city and church but also an area with unexpected modern architecture.

The first Portugese city we visited was Guimarães.

Next we visited Douro valley and village Pinhao (Alijo).

Next we drove back to Spain and visited the villages Miranda del Castanar.

The village La Alberca was very special. An artist had made portraits of all the people that inhabited the village before and could be seen on the houses in the village.

The next stop was the beautiful walled town Avila, where we were supprised by a medieval festival.

After this we drove home again trought the beautiful Spanisch landscape.